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Borders Solution Components


Border Line Protection

Border Line Protection provides detection and response capabilities to assist border authorities in identifying and stopping illegal crossings (from either direction) across protected borders. Cameras, radar, motion detectors, road blocks, smart fences, and other components are selected, based on the terrain involved, and configured to provide the coverage and lead time for border control authorities to effectively operate. Surveillance and monitoring tools are integrated with physical barriers along protected border lines, where they provide real-time, automated detection and threat identification.


Terminal and Gate Complex Management

Terminal and Gate Complex Management regulates the movement of people and vehicles across borders, and is facilitated by real-time alerts when suspected entities cross borders. New sensor networks, access control systems, and (when required) original customer components, are integrated in a single border command platform (with border sectors and crossings managed centrally and locally). Data from deployed sensors and systems are integrated with information and knowledge from security personnel (and others) to generate a Universal Situational Awareness Picture (USAP) that provides real-time status updates, alerts and situation-specific procedural recommendations.


Maritime Border Protection

Maritime Border Protection adapts maritime perimeter protection and deploys electro-optical devices (EODs), maritime radar, sonar, diver nets, and sea barriers. Spire's Concept of Operations (CONOPS) uses hierarchical security zones to detect, identify, and contain threats quickly and automatically.


Border Intelligence

Border Intelligence detects threats before they reach a critical mass. Spire combines software with human intelligence to monitor and correlate data from sources as diverse as cargo manifests, social networks, and Internet forums, and then uses semantic and link analysis, pattern detection, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and entity correlation to identify actual threats.


Border Command & Control

Border Command & Control enables authorities to manage thousands of daily border crossings activities, and to receive alerts regarding suspicious pedestrians, passengers, and vehicles. Spire supports the deployment of new sensor networks and access control systems, as well as the integration of existing components, into a single C&C. In this way, customers can generate a Unified Situation Awareness Picture (USAP) that alerts authorities to threats and supports the monitoring and management of all border sectors and crossings from a single location.


Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security provides detection and response capabilities that enable border authorities to identify and halt threats before they are carried out. Spire selects the most terrain-appropriate components, deploying cameras, radar, motion detectors, car and road blocks, and smart fences in a configuration that provides rapid response units with the time and distance to stop intruders. Based on our unique Concept of Operations (CONOPS), Spire deploys surveillance and monitoring tools, integrated with access control solutions and physical obstacles, to create concentric security circles that detect, identify, and contain threats.


Cargo Security

Cargo Security detects hazardous and illegal substances, and prevents them from passing through border control facilities. Spire's solution integrates information from a range of tools that include x-rays, cameras and video analysis, trace detection systems, security wands, pathogen identification platforms, and more. This information supports customs officials, police, and intelligence services in their effort to prevent contraband from entering a country.


Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention assists law enforcement and international anti-crime agencies in identifying and stopping cross-border criminal activities. Spire's platform integrates and analyzes information from national organizations, international agencies such as INTERPOL, data from on-site sensors, input from informants, and open-source information from various platforms to identify threats, generate alerts, and enable border authorities to prevent contraband and criminals from entering a country.


Sensor Suites

Sensor Suites include fixed and mobile sensing technologies that support visual, audio, and environmental data acquisition. Spire's offering uses fixed and mobile platforms and online data sources, such as social networks and feeds, to form ad-hoc or permanent deployments that collect and transmit real-time data to collection and analysis systems for integration and fusion.


Access Management Suite

The Access Management Suite provides software and hardware that enables border station operators to monitor and restrict the access of people, vehicles, and freight to specific zones (based on role or function) in a border facility. Spire's access management offering integrates identity verification capabilities, such as facial recognition, biometrics, and License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems with cameras, x-rays, and video analysis to generate intelligence that secures our customers’ vital assets and confidential materials.