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Critical Assets Solution’s Components


Hierarchical, Centralized Command & Control (C2)

Spire's command & control (C2) capability comprises the solution’s nerve center. It is here that stakeholders and other system operators view data-analysis results in a unified situational awareness picture (USAP), make decisions and manage real-time response that is facilitated by pre-defined, customer-specified procedures deeply embedded in the system.

Our centralized C2 automatically detects events and brings them to the attention of operators in real time. Combining analytics with intelligence, our C2 aggregates information gathered from various stationary and mobile sensors and human sources into a USAP, typically as an overlay on a 2D or 3D GIS map.


Advanced Sensor Network + Analytics

Detects threats automatically, avoiding the pitfalls of manual monitoring. A wide array of stationary and mobile sensors is available for use, including video cameras, license plate readers, radars, long-range acoustic devices, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and mobile surveillance units.



Leverages information from people, databases, sensors and the web to connect seemingly unrelated facts, helping to identify low-signal threats that would otherwise go unnoticed. This intelligence data is provided to C2 operators who combine it with the real-time USAP to better predict, prepare for and manage incidents.


Perimeter Security

Combines sensors (e.g., radars, long-range electro optic (LR-EO) devices, motion detectors and cameras) and cost-effective barriers (e.g., smart fences and walls) to physically isolate a facility’s most critical assets.


Unified Access Management

A suite of software and hardware technologies enables facility operators to monitor and control employee, vendor, visitor and vehicle access and restrict access to different zones based on role or function. Spire's integrates identity verification capabilities, such as facial recognition, biometrics and LPR systems, along with cameras, x-rays and video analysis to generate intelligence that secures our customers’ vital assets and confidential materials.


Gate Complex Management

Provides maximum-level security screenings at gates and terminals while facilitating the normal flow of traffic in and out of a facility.