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Safe City Solution Components

Urban Security Surveillance

Monitors and collects data on people, facilities, and buildings in high-risk areas, while utilizing privacy protection features such as anonymization and selective archiving. By integrating information from visual and audio sensors with human intelligence from ‘citizen sensors’, data is correlated and displayed in an urban Command & Control (C&C) that enables authorities to predict, prevent, prepare for, and manage threats to the security of a city and its residents.


Cross-Domain Information Sharing

A comprehensive platform that utilizes a flexible and modular architecture capable of integrating sensor data from any and all sources. The data is processed and converted by the platform’s analytic core into a unified, usable and constantly updated picture of the urban environment. Our unique distribution network enables full cross-domain data sharing, ensuring that all relevant authorities, agencies and decision-makers are provided with centralized access to timely, credible and actionable information.


Citizen Security Advisory

Advises citizens on events and conditions in the urban environment that may affect their security. Utilizing a variety of dissemination tools including broadcast radio, electronic signs, and text messages distributed via a central C&C, authorities can alert citizens to suspected terrorist or criminal activities, and request assistance in gathering information pertinent to city security.


Secure Mega Event

Supports the execution and security of large-scale public events such as sporting matches, street parades, and open-air concerts by enabling the real-time flow of information between security authorities, organizers, and visitors. The offering utilizes permanent on-site sensors and ad-hoc deployments of cameras and communication hubs, integrated with online databases and crowd management simulations, to support information sharing and effective response to security threats.


Security Forces Management

Supports the deployment, monitoring, and management of security forces by generating an overall view of the arena, as well as enabling personnel to continuously communicate with their commanding officers and other forces in the field. The platform utilizes personal geo- and bio-sensors, then layers the data on a GIS map in a central C&C, providing commanders with an integrated real-time image of the arena and allowing for ongoing adjustments to missions and exercises.


Secure Building

Provides comprehensive building security management through the monitoring and control of occupancy, infrastructure, and the surrounding environment. By integrating video analytics, biometrics, environmental sensors, and resource optimization applications, the platform offers access control, surveillance, and asset management tools to alert occupants and external agencies to security incidents requiring action or assistance.


Urban Security Intelligence

Consolidates information from any source - including sensors, the web, databases, reports and other systems - to generate an urban intelligence USAP. The solution features an intuitive, easy-to-use investigation environment that clearly presents hidden links and relationships and applies a comprehensive set of analytical protocols, including link analysis, visualization tools, geographical investigations, real-time situation pictures, complex rules-based mechanisms, smart tagging of information, and performance dashboards.