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Security & Intelligence Consultancy

Spire's Security & Intelligence Consultancy Services are aimed to help customers in finding the most cost effective and practical solutions for their threats and risks while ensuring ROI and faster adoption process. Spire's security and intelligence  experts provide our customers with strategic and project specific services  and on-going value added services. Intelligence & Cyber : our experts are all senior directors from the intelligence and cyber agencies and we share our expertise and know how with our costumers to improve their knowledge and capabilities to face the variety of threats and challenges  they have. we think in the way our global opponents think and act to bring the best value solutions accordingly  . we also have the experience to analyze strategically challenges that countries facing and build the right organizational structure and capabilities for the specific country / agency needs. Concept of Operations (CONOPS): We share our broad operational knowledge with customers by assisting them in identifying and analyzing their vulnerabilities, helping them define an effective concept of operations based on their specific arena, terrain, resources, and risks. Penetration and Vulnerability Testing: We utilize our extensive security and safety expertise to help customers identify and correct weaknesses in their physical and cyber defenses, by implementing a series of penetration tests designed to uncover and exploit the full spectrum of potential vulnerabilities.