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Border Protection

In the era of globalization, national authorities are increasingly challenged by balancing the economic necessity of active borders with maintaining security and protecting national interests.

Spire Security Solutions understands that border authorities require cutting-edge security solutions and products to provide for the continued flow of goods, services, and people while, at the same time, ensuring a high level of security and operational efficiency. Our tailored solutions integrate intelligence, physical obstacles, and input from sources such as sensors, databases, and open source information to generate a Unified Situation Awareness Picture that triggers alerts, recommends actions, and provides decision makers with the most updated information.

Our Solution

Spire security solutions for borders protect against illegal infiltrations and a wide range of other threats, while guaranteeing vetted, bi-directional traffic across all types of borders. We gather, fuse, and analyze data from multiple sources, including integrated fixed and mobile sensors, databases and the Web, in order to help our customers detect, prepare for, and manage security breaches. We combine smart signals intelligence with Unmanned Ground and Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Mobile Surveillance Units (MSUs), Command & Control (C&C) systems, and contraband detection and identification technologies to deliver real deterrence and comprehensive border protection.

  • Closed Borders

    The Closed Borders solution provides comprehensive deterrence and border protection by integrating surveillance technologies, smart fences, and fast response teams to support prediction, prevention, and management of criminal and terrorist activities.

  • Open Borders

    The Open Borders solution provides advanced intelligence capabilities, integrated with discreet and comprehensive surveillance, to monitor the environment around a nation’s open borders. We offer innovative solutions and technologies that meet the unique challenges posed by open border environments, without either hindering the free flow of goods and people or making security activities transparent, both of which may affect relationships between nations. Our Open Border platforms offer discreet, complete border protection using sensors, Command & Control (C4I) systems, contraband detection, and identification technologies.

  • Maritime Borders

    The maritime borders solution uses a variety of technologies, including sensors, mobile surveillance platforms, and detection systems to ensure the efficient flow of cargo and passengers, while minimizing criminal activities and national security risks. We offer customized security platforms that include land and sea maritime radar, Command & Control centers, mobile surveillance modules, diver detection systems, and rapid response maritime units, all designed to manage and secure maritime borders. We combine our understanding of the maritime arena with our unique, multi-layered security approach and marine-adapted technologies to provide innovative solutions that ensure comprehensive maritime border protection.


Solution Components

  • Gap analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Full Security and intelligence suit solutions
  • Border Line Protection
  • Terminal and Gate Complex Management
  • Maritime Border Protection
  • Border Intelligence
  • Border Command & Control
  • Perimeter Security
  • Cargo Security
  • Crime Prevention
  • Sensor Suites
  • Access Management Suite
  • Training and procedures