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Critical Assets Safety & Security

Critical Infrastructure facilities are essential for nations to function efficiently. When commercial and governmental critical assets become the targets of criminal and terrorist attacks, the result may be financial and national disaster. An increasing number of security and operational incidents, both from manmade or natural disasters, means that the security of critical assets must be more resilient than ever. The task of securing those critical assets is highly complex, and the requirements of automation, interconnectivity among agencies and divisions, and new industry regulations only add to the complexity. Achieving business continuity in today’s operating climate requires that decision-makers share intelligence in order to ensure that all stakeholders immediately know the location and severity of both potential and actual incidents and to ensure operational efficiency.

Our Solution

Spire Security Solutions unique approach to Critical Infrastructure protection supports proactive management of threats from within the perimeter as well as from way beyond, utilizing perimeter security sensors, not only as the last line of defense, but also as important intelligence gathering tools that help to disrupt threats before they evolve. Spire Security Solutions safety and security solutions for Critical Infrastructure protect onshore, offshore and coastal assets from a wide range of internal and external threats. Our solutions gather, fuse and analyze data from multiple sources, including integrated sensors, customer databases and the web, in order to help our customers detect, prepare for and manage security breaches and risks; ensure proper handling of liquefied natural gas and hazardous materials; and transport cargo safely across long-distance, cross-country routes. Spire Security Solutions critical infrastructure solutions are currently securing manned and unmanned sites, providing maximum protection and safety to the assets, to facility employees, and to surrounding community.
  • Chemical Plants

    We secure chemical industry customers by providing tools that monitor persons, production, and toxic materials, along with the surrounding environment and employee conditions. Additionally, our solutions support the management of large scale transportation networks, and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Oil & Gas

    We protect onshore, offshore, and coastal oil & gas facilities and assets throughout the production process. Our Oil & Gas solutions ensure careful handling of all relevant LNG and hazardous materials, and secure transport across long-distance, cross-country routes.
  • Nuclear Plants

    We provide operators with the tools to secure the nuclear production process and the surrounding environment, as well as manage and transport radioactive materials and waste. Our nuclear solutions provide stringent cyber security capabilities and training for security forces, while ensuring multi-agency collaboration and compliance with international standards.
  • Power Plants

    We secure a nation’s strategic power assets and infrastructure throughout the lifecycle of the electricity production process. Additionally, our solutions enable the monitoring and management of environmental emissions, dams, and large-scale high pressure water systems - both onshore and in coastal areas.

Solution Components

  • Gap analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Full detailed security plan
  • Hierarchical, Centralized Command & Control (C4I)
  • Advanced Sensor Network + Analytics
  • Intelligence
  • Smart Perimeter Security
  • Unified Access Management
  • Smart Gate Complex Management
  • Training and procedures