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Intelligence & Cyber

As Global markets , technology progress and all of our personal “life data”comes to our hands in our mobile devices through cloud services and private applications, terrorists and criminals could use the cyber space to make lethal attacks to cause more damage to people,national governments, banks, financial institutions, public and private enterprises. The big data also allows government security services to locate intelligence in the web arena. Our intelligence division with top intelligence directors, researchers and analysts provides end to end intelligence solutions such as organizational structures, technology and training. Our technology is divided into 3 main vertical solutions:
  • Cyber security
  • Open source intelligence (Osint) – including data from the dark net
  • Cyber intelligence
We also provide services that enhance capabilities and skills of intelligence organizations. Our Solutions

Cyber Security:

Spire technology is developed to cope with the biggest challenge of today’s digital era – how can we generically prevent unknown threats, while knowing nothing about them? The solution acts as "Last line of defense" and prevents threats that bypass all traditional perimeter and endpoint security layers. Spire technology assumptions: In order to fulfill the mission, Spire suggests a game-changer solution based on the three assumptions:
  • The amount of new evolving Cyber threats, especially the designated ones cannot be matched by traditional paradigms. It is a lost war.
  • The attacker will always find a way to reach the data (residing on endpoints and servers), bypassing all traditional perimeters and endpoint security means.
  • The threat is already inside and undetected.
Technology: Is it a Threat-Agnostic defense? Spire has a completely different security paradigm than other vendors. It is a game-changing solution that prevents all unknown threats. Unlike its competitors, it relies on deterministic approach rather than "prediction/guessing approach" that rely on signatures, IOCs, predictive algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence and threat-hunting. How it works: Rather than exploring limitless possibilities of attack;we are focused on what is always consistent – attacker's final damage stage such as file deletion, data ex filtration, malicious encryption etc.

Cyber Intelligence:

The solution is based on three separate environments providing the ultimate cyber-attack and intelligence gathering platform.
  • We have the capabilities to target & provide information on any target in the cyberspace.
  • The Intelligence gathering – collect as much information as possible.
  • Being able to perform different cyber-attacks, we obtain and maintain ongoing flow of actionable intelligence to inform both tactical and strategic decision makers.

Open source intelligence (Osint)

Spire’s Osint solution is an end-to-end web intelligence (WEBINT) solution that empowers non-technical users to collect, monitor, analyze, and disseminate valuable, often hidden, data. This data can be from virtually any source; deep, and dark web source in any language or format including blogs, forums, RSS feeds, social networks, media sharing platforms, and other publicly available data sources. Spire combines proprietary technology with years of project-based WEBINT experience to offer its users the ability to detect emerging trends, anticipate risks, assess public opinion, and give organizations early warnings of low-signal threats in time to devise and carry out proactive mitigation strategies. With Spire, organizations make better decisions, leveraging actionable insights that might otherwise go undetected.

Unique Capabilities:

  • Effective data collection from all sources including surface- and deep-web source suing proprietary and innovative out-of-the-box collection engines (leveraging both API and scraping)
  • Comprehensive data type and language support
  • Full suite of advanced analytics capabilities
  • Advanced tools necessary for deriving actionable insights from the web
  • Constant monitoring and real-time alerting
  • Helps prevent incidents with early detection; alerts delivered to any device, including mobile
  • Military-grade security
  • Maintains anonymity and ensures the strictest data security standards