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Mass Transportation Safety & Security

Transportations hubs are highly sensitive environments, characterized by multiple entry points, multiple service providers and agencies, extensive perimeters, and restricted spaces - all of which handle a rapidly growing number of multinational travelers and goods on a daily basis. While this reality unlocks new opportunities, it also presents new risks and challenges to managing public safety, security and well-being. Accessibility depends on efficient and safe, complex means of mass transport vial rails, roads, air and water, to connect population centers across the globe. Protecting national transportation systems is a task of strategic importance. In an era where concepts of space and time have changed, barriers between continents, countries and cities become less constrictive, urban populations expand and global economic growth demands easy access to industrial areas, markets, services, food and culture.

Our Solution

Spire Security Solutions recognizes that effective management of vital transportation centers is crucial to the viability, security, and efficiency of cities and nations. Utilizing our unique multi-layered security approach - along with advanced data collection and analysis from various sensors - our solution creates a Unified Situation Awareness Picture (USAP) that reflects the “real world,” providing authorities with dynamic alerts and recommendations that enhance the effective management of transportation hubs, as well as improving passenger experience. We work in partnership with governing agencies and hub authorities to meet international standards, ensure optimal security, improve inter-mobility, and unlock new revenue opportunities.
  • Urban Transportation Hubs (Metros)

    Support the management and security of urban public transportation assets in the wake of rapidly growing demand and energy costs. By integrating best-of-breed technologies with advanced simulation and planning applications, our solutions improve inter-mobility coordination and planning, enhance passenger experience, and increase revenues.
  • Airports

    Provide a central platform for airport authorities to address the real-time and predicted movement of people and goods; ensuring information sharing between multiple agencies, efficient operations, improved safety and security, and increased revenues.
  • Seaports

    Using a variety of sensors and data collection and analysis technologies, our solution provides stakeholders with a real-time and predicted USAP that enables the effective management of a seaport; ensuring the efficient flow and handling of cargo, minimizing national security risks and criminal activities, and decreasing delays and operational costs.
  • Railways

    Offers the railway industry a flexible modular solution that provides comprehensive security at each vulnerability and access point, while ensuring smooth passenger experience and upholding safety and operational objectives.