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Mega Event Safety & Security

Large venues hosting notable international events, as well as domestic events are inherently labeled as High Profile, and attract widespread attention. As such, the associated operational, safety and security management characteristics present numerous risks & challenges that must be realized and addressed:
  • Operational Aspect

    Successful events require that each component within the operational array functions flawlessly and cohesively with all the other components, so that mutual support is ensured at all times. Typical risks to this situation include: communication breakdowns, human error leading to accidents or technical failures, deliberate employee sabotage, volatility in infrastructure usage may cause bottlenecks that affect the visitor’s experience and reflect on the management’s reputation.
  • Safety Aspect

    It is well known that mass events tend to amplify the emotional state of the visitors. In turn, from a safety standpoint, this may have a direct impact on the visitor’s behavior and decision making throughout an event’s lifecycle (pre-event/during-event/post-event), and most notably in times of emergency. Examples for such risks include: crowd bottlenecks – Whether in access points or in passage ways, technical failures – Power blackouts or fire outbreaks, A hoax – Such as a bomb threat, spectator harassment – Negative friction between visitors.
  • Security Aspect

    Major venues may be prime targets, subject to multiple security risks, especially when hosting large-scale events that receive wide media coverage. In most cases, these risks may range from petty crimes carried out by economic motivations, to hooligan or terrorism activities stemming from political reasons. Such risks may be divided into:
    • Crime - Pickpocketing, ticketing fraud, vandalism, unpermitted access or materials smuggling
    • Terror - Use of explosive devices, standoff shootings, swarm attacks and hostage situations
    • "Spiteful" actions - Behavior that are intended to embarrass organizers and government stakeholders
    The implications of such risks pose serious challenges. Predictive assessment capabilities, along with advanced data analysis tools and collaboration between stakeholders, will altogether ensure that risks are mitigated – so that the various management capabilities are consolidated for the safety and well-being of participants and visitors.

Our Solution

Spire's overall solution focuses on having the areas demanding security, safety and operational under a unified and central management system. The concept is based on utilizing and sharing among agencies and stakeholders, infrastructure and means (sensors, systems, etc.), as well as the effective information. Connected to authorities and visitors, this solution enables the public to take an active part in the event safety and smart endeavor, by actively providing crucial data and completing the real-time picture mosaic. This shall be achieved by sharing data capabilities, created for all establishments, introducing the event application to visitors, collating inputs from visitors, while enriching them with geo-based information. This solution represents synergetic affiliation between the various solution pillars. Each of the pillars contributes an overall solution to the event, while strong mutuality and support is maintained between them.

Solution Components

  • Gap analysis and Rias Assessment
  • Full security suit design
  • Web - Intelligence and social media monitoring
  • international regulations compliance
  • Command & Control
  • Cross-Domain Information Sharing
  • Gate Complex Management
  • Operational Safety
  • Access Management
  • Perimeter Security
  • Sensor Suites
  • Incident Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Training & procedures