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Safe City

In today’s complex urban landscape - characterized by rising crime and terrorism, an increasingly diverse and aging population, and straining security resources – municipal authorities are challenged with protecting city assets, as well as ensuring the security of the city’s residents and visitors. At Spire Security Solutions , we know that cities require sophisticated and discreet surveillance combined with a field-tested concept of operations to support urban law enforcement in identifying and preventing such threats before they occur – and minimizing casualties and damage to property if they do materialize.

Our Solution

Our unique solution for Safe City offers an innovative platform that supports multi-agency collaboration and information-sharing, generating a comprehensive Unified Situation Awareness Picture (USAP) that empowers law enforcement and counter-terrorism officials to take effective and timely action. By utilizing visual sensors equipped with advanced video analytics, dedicated CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosives) detectors, as well as data from participating citizens who deliver real-time information via tools such as smart phones, our solution enables authorities to provide city residents with a safe and secure urban environment.

Solution Components

  • Gap analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Full suit of security plans
  • Urban Security Surveillance (C4I)
  • Cross-Domain Information Sharing
  • Citizen Security Advisory
  • Secure Mega Event
  • Security Forces Management
  • Secure Building
  • Urban Security Intelligence
  • full suit of smart and advances sensors and analytics