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Transportation Solution Components


Transportation Hub Security

Provides a range of offerings that enable operators to identify and manage security risks facing transportation hubs and surrounding areas, as well as ensuring the safety of cargo and passengers. By integrating information gathered from sensors and security technologies such as x-ray machines, Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) systems, and explosive sniffers, as well as open-source data, and human sources to a central C&C, facility operators can predict, prevent, prepare for, and manage any security attack on their operations - including theft, sabotage, cyber breaches, and espionage.


Transit Command & Control

Supports customers in acquiring around-the clock USAP, alerting managers to problems and risks on-site and enabling them to control, monitor, and manage all site operations and security from a single location in real time. Our Command & Control (C&C) offering enhances newly acquired information using our unique intelligence and information analysis capabilities, providing a user-friendly, multi-level hierarchical platform for managers and transport hub operators.


Cross -Domain Information Sharing

A comprehensive platform that utilizes a flexible and modular architecture capable of integrating sensor data from any and all sources – sensors, web-based, human, or other. The data is processed and converted by the platform’s analytic core into a unified, usable and constantly updated picture of the relevant information environment. Our unique distribution network enables full cross-domain data sharing, ensuring that all relevant authorities, agencies and decision-makers are provided with centralized access to timely, credible and actionable information.



Terminal & Gate Complex Management


Ensures that people, goods, and materials entering and exiting a facility and its restricted areas are carefully monitored and controlled, as well as guaranteeing that information is tagged. Integrating data from various sensors and systems - such as LPR and access control - our solutions manage the flow of masses entering and exiting a transportation hub, as well as restricted areas in different zones based on role or function.



Operational Safety


Supports operators in effective management of the transportation hub, thereby ensuring operational efficiency and safety. Integrating information gathered from various deployed sensors, databases, and operational systems with our advanced analytical capabilities, our solution enables the monitoring, control, and automation of operational processes, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.



Access Management


Provides a suite of software and hardware technologies that enable facility operators to monitor and restrict access to different zones within transportation hubs based on role or function. Our access management offering integrates identity verification capabilities, such as facial recognition, biometrics, License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems, and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) to generate intelligence that secures transportation hub restricted areas.



Passenger Identity Verification


Validates the identity and background of travelers for use in passenger profiling and the attendant security process, using sources such as Passenger Name Records (PNR) and traveling documents, as well as information gathered from agencies, authorities, and transportation providers. Our solution integrates with smart ticketing systems, which support and extend the identity and background verification capabilities.



Cargo Security


Detects and prevents the transportation of hazardous and illegal substances, as well as protecting transportation means and hubs from acts of terrorism. Our solution integrates information from a range of tools – including x-rays, trace detection systems, pathogen identification platforms, and more - supporting customs, police, security authorities, and intelligence services in preventing the movement of contraband materials and suspected persons.



Perimeter Security


Provides detection and response capabilities that enable authorities to identify and halt threats before they are realized. We select the most terrain-appropriate components, deploying cameras, radars, motion detectors, and smart fences in a configuration that gives rapid response units the necessary time and distance to stop intruders. Based on our unique concept of operations (CONOPS), we deploy surveillance and monitoring tools, integrated with access control solutions and physical obstacles, to create concentric security circles that support detection and containment of threats as far away as possible.


Sensor Suites

A suite of fixed and mobile sensing technologies that support visual, audio, and environmental data acquisition. Utilizing sensors, such as land radars, Electric Optical Devices (EODs), LPRs, and smart fences, as well as online data sources such as social networks and feeds, our offering can form permanent or ad-hoc deployments that gather and transmit real-time data for integration and fusion by collection and analysis systems.


Incident Management

Enhances the performance of emergency response systems and first responders by integrating existing operational, surveillance, and dispatch systems with ad-hoc deployments of mobile sensors and communication components. This platform offers a comprehensive suite of event management and response capabilities, including alarm and incident handling, dispatch support, monitoring of primary and backup units, multiagency collaboration, and recommended courses of action.


Environmental Monitoring & Safety

Supports transportation hub operators in ensuring compliance with environmental standards and regulations. By integrating data from environmental sensors and displaying it on a Geographical Information System (GIS) map, our solution enables operators to track emissions, noise pollution, and water quality, as well as fuel leaks and fuel quality at transportation hubs and surrounding areas, predicting the rise of undesirable elements in the environment and providing alerts when levels rise beyond pre-defined limits.